Sunday 10 May 2020

CN Rymal Pt. 14 Line Side Structures

With week day way freight service and as required Saturday extras, the former H&NW (CN Hagersville Subdivision) branchline was maintained to Class 2 standards; Maximum 25 MPH (freight). Deferred maintenance and neglect would not be associated with the track work that remained active well into the late 1980’s. Like any right of way, all grade crossings needed some form of protection; a look at the Rymal Road (Highway No. 53) intersection as follows.
View is looking northeast from the points of the Shaw Pipe Protection siding lead. In the distance, crossing protection devices from left to right; cross arms with flashing lights, instrument cabinet (on ground), and nearer instrument case (on cement pole). Nearer shown also; switch stand and 25 MPH speed limit sign. Also in the distance ‘DO NOT TRESPASS’ sign; adjacent to instrument cabinet. Notice the freshly augmented ballast. 

This modest little structure is an SS 5A instrument case. The small locked box on the side near the top is used for testing the crossing by the section men. Related to security, it required a different key compared to the main case
Like all CN lineside cabinets, it was painted standard silver.

Note the electrical connection to the hydro pole in the background.
This box mounted on a concrete post is an SS 19 instrument case. Items housed inside the enclosure included batteries, relays, and rectifiers; all used in conjunction with the approach for crossing protection. 
Batteries would serve in the event of a power failure or if there was no hydro line and no electrical service otherwise available. Without hydro service a primary battery would be used; usually lasting for up to one year depending on traffic volume. Likewise, the SS 19 was painted silver.
The 'DO NOT TRESPASS’ sign is severely weather beaten and would appear to offer rather limited authority.
The target (painted red) on the switch stand is marked ‘HA 20’; Hagersville Subdivision, Zone HA, Shaw Pipe (Hamilton Car Control).
Note the 7.12 printed on the lower back of the arm. This indicates 7.12 miles from the start of the Hagersville Subdivision off the Oakville Subdivision (located in lower Hamilton north of Barton Street near Ferguson Ave.).

Crossing protection flasher mast at Rymal Road (Hwy 53). The cross arms (cross bucks) have recently been changed from B&W ‘RAIL_WAY CROSSING’ to reflective red and white.