Saturday 24 October 2020

CN Rymal Pt. 15 Freight Cars Part 4 – Rymal Siding

As previously indicated, construction of the H&NW right of way out of Hamilton would conquer the Niagara escarpment in the late 1860’s and continue to forge southward towards Lake Erie. The siding at Rymal was laid early in achieving the higher ground landscape with construction of the diminutive station occurring shortly thereafter. Passenger service over some eighty-four plus years took place from September of 1873 until October of 1957. Post passenger duties, the parallel trackage would serve the local industries, mostly in a delivery capacity. While no doubt there were items shipped out from Rymal, receiving incoming loads was the primary function of the siding. Initially, grains (in boxcars) for the local feed mills and, in later years, construction materials for the local home improvement warehouse were the primary wares delivered to the location. Despite the line being severed at the Stone Church Road overpass in 1987, Rymal siding would remain active until the very end in 1993.

CLC 1347 (CLC 1301-1350, Pacific Car & Foundry, 11/1980) is shown adjacent to the long unused storage silos. With an inside length of 60’ – 6” the PCF bulkhead flatcar is of uncommon geometry compared to the popular 66’ – 0” car.
TOE 4158 (TOE 4100-4274, Evans-SIECO lot 1816, built 12/1980 - 2/1981), also 60’ – 6” inside length. Note the alternate bulkhead geometry compared to CLC 1347.
DWC 605660 (DWC 605600 – 605799, CN Transcona 11/1973 – 1/1974) has been emptied of its payload and is awaiting pick up at the unmistakably marked Rymal siding.

CN gondola 156261 (CN 156200 – 156399, NSC 12/1965 – 1/1966) has most likely been involved in OCS (on company service) maintenance of way activity; note what appears to be some type of culvert remnant at the end of the car. Incredibly, unlike the bulkhead flatcars noted above, and despite their mandated forty-year life, five of the original two hundred car build are still extant; most likely also in OCS/non-interchange service. This particular gondola was stricken from the roster at the end of 2015.

CN 603042 (CN 603025 – 603324, HST 12/1974 – 3/1975) is a 52’-8” bulkhead flatcar most likely shown loaded with drywall; the heavy black plastic sheeting providing protection from the elements. Note all the discarded strapping materials on the ground on the right-hand side of the photo. Despite the available fifty-year life, all the cars from this series have been removed from service; the industry having moved to higher capacity equipment.