Tuesday 20 November 2018

CN Stuart Street Locomotive Shop - January 28 1990

By far the most popular first generation locomotive home to CN’s Stuart Street Yard over the years was GMD’s immensely versatile SW1200RS. With Hamilton’s enormous industrial base and corresponding spider web of sidings there was always plenty to keep the units fully occupied. No. 1311, built 1958, would be sold off by CN to the Ohio Central RR in 1994. In a curious twist of fate the gnarly looking unit would eventually return to Hamilton to serve new operator RaiLink, albeit mostly as a parts source.
Delivered in April 1960, No. 1359 would leave the roster in 1999 and in similar fashion serve replacement operator RaiLink. Enjoying much better fortune, No. 1359 would ultimately be acquired by railway services supplier Cando, becoming CCGX 1006, and is still active.
CN GP9 (GMD 1/1959) No. 4276 was constructed as a so called ‘light weight’ unit intended for use on lower capacity branchline trackage. The combination of small capacity fuel tank and and Flexicoil style trucks reduced total mass by as much as nine tons. While the Flexicoil trucks appear to be the same design as those fitted to SW1200RS’s, the wheelbase is not the same; 9’-0” vs. 8’-0”. In 1993 No. 4276 would be transformed by AMF into GP9RM No. 7082 and is still active.
Some forty-four years on, CN GP40-2L(W) No. 9468 (GMD 7/1974) is still active. No. 9493 (GMD 9/1974) would be sold off in 2007.