Thursday 17 May 2018

CN at Rymal Pt. 7: Motive Power Part 3

CN GP9 No. 4118 was delivered by GMD London to the railway in September of 1957. To clear the number series for the ongoing GP9RM program the unit was renumbered to 4384 in 1984. In 1993 the veteran locomotive would be remanufactured into GPRM No. 7273 by AMF Technotransport (by this time CN had sold off the Pointe St. Charles (PSC) facility), among the last units to be modified. Incredibly, at age sixty-one, No. 7273 is still active! In a very respectable 1973 'Zebra' scheme, No. 4118 is shown switching Shaw Pipe Protection on May 25th 1984. Note the longitudinal, centrally positioned low volume fuel tank.

By the early 1980’s the era of the GMD SW1200RS trundling along the former H&NW right of way in pairs or triplets was all but over. Motive power deployment along the line became a fairly predictable pattern of veteran GP9’s in various states of dress and detail. Most were decorated in the 1973 ‘Zebra’ scheme, albeit in contrasting condition; from recently repainted to desperately needing to be repainted. CN’s lack of interest in the appearance of their GP9 fleet at the time was understandable given the concurrent remanufacturing plan. Launched in 1981, CN’s massive Pointe St. Charles based GP9RM refurbishment program would ultimately recycle some four hundred ‘Geeps’ into a mixture of road switchers, yard switchers and slugs. Nevertheless, even with the inherent uniformity, there was the occasional motive power surprise. Despite their Montreal and points east operating base, the odd MLW product would show up. As well, locomotives being repositioned or ferried for maintenance work would on rare occurrence be included in the consist. Overall, it was a thoroughly fascinating but all too brief an epoch.
CN GP9 No. 4125 was built in late 1957 by GMD London. Similar to sister 4118, the unit was renumbered, becoming 4380 in 1984 and subsequently remanufactured in 1991 by PSC into GP9RM No. 7021. Unfortunately, No. 7021 would be involved in a collision at Coteau Du Lac on 9/5/1997, deemed unrepairable, and subsequently removed from the roster.
CN GP9 No. 4212 was manufactured by GMD London in June of 1957 as No. 4594. In 1993 AMF Technotransport would transform the unit into slug No. 272 adding some eighteen years of service. No. 4212 is shown switching Shaw Pipe Protection on May 6th 1984. Note the lightweight trucks and small volume longitudinal geometry fuel tank.
CN GP9 No. 4566 was delivered from GMD London in November of 1957. Similar to virtually all of the sisterhood, No. 4566 would succumb to the remanufacturing program in emerging as GP9RM No. 7049 in 1992. By this time the former Pointe St. Charles facility would be renamed ‘Atelier Montreal Facility’ or simply ‘AMF’. No. 4566 is shown switching Penn Lumber on April 26, 1984. Note the five year old Union Railroad of Oregon offset double door FMC boxcar.
CN GP9 No. 4569 was supplied to Canadian National by GMD London in November of 1957. Unlike most remanufactured GP9’s, No. 4569 would lose her prime mover during remanufacture. She emerge from PSC in 1990 as ‘booster unit’ (slug) No. 245 and is still active. No. 4569 is shown switching Shaw Pipe Protection on May 6, 1984. Note SW9 No. 7000 (GMD 1952) dead in tow. According to the Branchline CTG No. 7000 was removed from service in 1984 and is most likely shown either on the way to a dismantler or perhaps a  new owner.
CN RS18 No. 3702 was constructed by Montreal Locomotive Works (MLW) in June of 1958. Unlike colleagues resident on Canadian Pacific, there would be no large scale refurbishment program for the Alco sired flock. Six (3150 – 3155) were converted in 1968 for high speed Tempo service in Southwestern Ontario while a total of thirty-eight (1750 – 1787) were modified with A-1-A trucks and de-rated to 1,400 HP for light rail duties in the Maritimes. While deploying a classic 251 turbo lag plume, No. 3702 is shown switching Shaw Pipe Protection on May 30th 1984. Note the light weight style MLW trucks. Sadly, in just four years at age 30, No. 3702 would depart the roster in 1988.