Saturday 14 August 2021

CN Rymal Pt. 17 Caledonia 6/13/1992

Following the disruption to the former H&NW line at the Stone Church Road overpass in 1987 (see CN Rymal Pt. 2) all train movements to service Rymal were dispatched northward from the southern terminus. As previously described, at about the same time, activity at Rymal had increased marginally beyond the existing enterprises with the arrival of a building products distributor. The new enterprise employed the CO-OP siding to receive a variety of bulkhead flat cars laden with drywall and assorted construction materials. The pint sized train shown in Caledonia is representative of the Rymal related traffic pattern at the sunset of line; the empty bulkhead flatcar having delivered drywall or lumber to the CO-OP siding (see CN Rymal Pt. 4), the loaded bulkhead flatcar having picked up coated aluminum extruded tubing from Shaw Pipe Protection. As previously depicted, the crew elected to save time and not place the caboose in the trailing position (see CN Rymal Pt. 6). Not surprisingly, the same view today is very different; both structures in the background have been razed, and most of the track shown has been lifted. In addition, the Argyle St. grade crossing behind the photographer has been removed and paved over. However, not all of the news is bad; the derelict (at the time) Caledonia Station out of frame to the left has been lovingly, authentically restored to its former glory. As well, Canadian National has repatriated the Hagersville sub from the short line sub-lease and is actively upgrading the line.
Seemingly, the van (caboose) is at the wrong end of the train.

CN GP9RM 4130 was built 4/1955 as GP9 1748, renumbered 4424 in 1956,  and remanufactured by PSC 1991.

PSC caboose 79669 was constructed in 1974. 

Following Transport Canada permission, so called ‘End Of Train’ (EOT) devices brought up the rear and the rolling conductor’s office would be off the roster by 1996.

Note that the paint is still shiny on the recently remanufactured ‘Geep’!

Sixty-six foot bulkhead flat car CNIS 621177 was constructed by Marine Industries Ltd (MIL) in April of 1980. Following service with Canadian National the BHF would be acquired by Essex Hybrid and is still active as ZEKX 621177.